Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Great things ahead...

The Life Drawing sessions are going to be changing soon. We will still run our regular weekly session, but after the beginning of December these will be held in our new life drawing studio at New England House and will be complimented by new events such as the White Night Drawing Cards from the Deck.

For more information on how to be part of this, to join a session or just to hear what will be going on email Jake at info@jakespicerart.co.uk

Thank you to...

Seawhites of Brighton
The Entente
White Night 2009

...for helping make this possible

Drawing Cards from the Deck

Who ?
This totaly free event is open to everyone; welcoming anyone keen to have a go at an alternative life drawing session from total beginners to experienced draftsmen. Anybody can drop in on the sessions for any length of time, feel free to stay for as many poses as you like or just pop in to get a feel for life drawing.

An extravaganza of quick fire, theatrically costumed life drawing to a quirky sound track this themed life drawing night is a chance for the uninitiated to have a taste of life drawing and for the more experienced draftsmen to try something a little different; deep into the night models will be enacting dynamic nude and costumed poses inspired by the imagery of 13 cards from Tarot deck.


White Night 24th October 2009

Long poses: One 20 minute pose
Short poses: Four 5 minute poses
Animation pose: Ten 2 minute poses

Program of poses

21:00 Opening
21:30 Short pose – The Fool
22:00 Long pose – The Magician
22:30 Animation pose – The High Prietess
23:00 Long Pose – The Empress
23:30 Short pose – The Emperor
00:00 Long pose – The Hierophant
01:00 Short pose – The Lovers
01:30 Long pose – The Chariot
02:00 Short pose – Strength
02:30 Long pose – The Hermit
03:00 Short pose – Justice
03:30 Long pose – The Hanged Man
04:00 Short pose – Death
04:30- 6:00 Run down

We'll look forward to seeing you there!